My Recovery Plan
Helping People and Clinicians Build Recovery Capital to Overcome Addiction and Create Recovery Plans
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Free assessment tools to help build you build and foster Recovery Capital to overcome addiction

Loved One's Plan

Assess and help build your loved ones Recovery Capital to overcome addiction in the family

Patients Plan

Mentor Clients, Monitor Progress and Measure Outcomes, free assessment tool

My Recovery Plan
Assess, Mentor, Measure Outcomes, and Monitor
Building Recovery Capital
to overcome addiction

Electronic Health Record Software for Service Providers

• Measure Recovery Capital at treatment initiation
• Create Recovery
• Measurable Plans, Mentor Clients, Monitor Progress or Challenges
• Measure Recovery Capital and Review
• Clinicians and Patients have unique access and user profiles
• Clients create their own Recovery Plan with/ without the help of Clinicians

Validated Assessment Instruments

The My Recovery Plan tool is an evidence-based platform developed by David Best Ph.D., University of Derby, that provides a finite, measurable recovery plan coupled with an accurate and predictive assessment. It is recovery path neutral and appropriate for delivery in clinical and non-clinical environments by both certified peers and medical professionals.  We have created training materials for recovery-oriented organizations seeking to deliver measurably improved outcomes through the use our researched cutting-edge technology.

My Recovery Plan Training

 Training is available, become a Recovery Capital Associate Certified by the CACCF. As a clinician you you will facilitate the process of assessing goal setting and building Recovery Capital necessary to sustaining ongoing recovery.

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How to Manage Addiction Recovery

Recovery Management Presentation from the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada.

Substance use issues and addiction arise out of the intersectional personal, family, cultural and societal contexts and unfold in variable patterns and trajectories. These same forces generate heterogeneous recovery experiences. Recovery management challenges the historical story of revolving acute interventions to treat people with substance use disorders. This session will explore the implications of the wide diversity in recovery experiences and explored the design and conduct of treatment planning to utilize recovery management to support increased recovery capital for individuals, service providers and families.


Recovery Education

Engage in Recovery Capital Education.  4 years of conferences, thousands of attendees,  World renowned speakers on the science of recovery. 2021 Dates to be announced soon.

Recovery Capital Conference

Recovery Community

September is Recovery Month Canada, Canadians are mobilizing to inspire hope that recovery from addiction is possible.  Sign the petition.

Recovery Month Canada

Recovery Science

The Science of Recovery Capital – My Recovery Plan fosters recovery with evidence-based pathways for sustained recovery based on science

The Science of Recovery Capital