Configure Services
Configure Services
Segmented Balances
Each service we configure can be segmented. This means you will be able to track the balance separately from any other services in your portal. We can even group together many separate services into an aggregate balance.

Segmented Groups Examples Below

Use Case:

As a provider, I would like to track the total amount of rent paid to my organization by all of my clients.

In the example above we could create a service group called Rent Dollars and have that balance reported as a separate segment for your records. Each rent payment can be group into one running balance so you will be able to see how much rent you collected over any given period.

Use Case:

As a provider, you charge for many services together as a package ("recovery support services") but you want to keep a record of the cost of each as a separate line item.

We could create a separate segment called "recovery support services" that groups together all of the payments made from each of the services in that group to give you a running total of the amounts you've received for those services.

Enter the name of the service group you would like this service to be segmented with. Example: Rent, Recovery Support Services, Third Party Payments, etc.

Automatically Recurring Services

Each service we configure in your portal can be set to automatically charge a client's account weekly, monthly, etc. This ARMS feature streamlines the process of managing a client's ledger.

Service Subscriptions:

We can group many services into a recurring service subscription. These work the same way as recurring services but make things even more convenient by allowing you to specify a group of services that will automatically be added to the client's ledger.

If this service will become part of a service subscription, please make that note and enter the Subscription's name in the Service Notes section.