Why choose My Recovery Plan Directory?

Our Treatment and Counselling Directory understands the importance of knowing your therapist or treatment provider is trained and experienced – which is why we have an approvals policy in place that must be met by each professional and treatment provider in order to list their service.

Where you see our Directory Policy badge displayed, this means that we’ve verified the following information prior to approving the profile:

For Individual counsellors/psychotherapists

That they are personally registered as a member of a relevant professional regulatory body. 

For Counselling/Psychotherapy practices

That they are verified therapists who are registered.

Are counsellors and psychotherapists regulated?

Yes, in Canada there are many regulatory bodies that stipulate the level of training required for an individual to practise as a counsellor or psychotherapist. This is why we check that each counsellor and psychotherapist is registered with an overseeing professional body before we will advertise their service on Counselling Directory. This process was designed to assure you that any counsellor or psychotherapist that is contacted on our site is capable and working to high standards.

Regulatory bodies include

The professional bodies that we recognise have minimum standards for training/qualifications and experience for their members, so by choosing one of our therapists you can be reassured that they’ve fulfilled these requirements. We strongly recommend checking that your chosen therapist also has suitable professional insurance in place before your first session.

For Bed Based and Outpatient Addiction Service Providers

Services must be licensed according to their Province Regulations, many facilities further their regulatory responsibilities by being accredited by Accreditation Canada or  CARF

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